Coming Soon! 2014 Phaez Awards!

Not actually an awards show, but a list of the Phaez Top 5.  The list would comprise amps you should be looking at whether or not you own a Phaez already.  These would be considered the best sellers (but not necessarily so), and would certainly help people new to Phaez.  Don’t fret if your amp is not on the list!  The 5 winners are ones that have evolved over many years.  I could be happy with any of these forever. 


So Who Wants to Build Amps? Investor Required

The world needs great tone. 

There is a sizable market which Phaez has only scratched the surface of.   I have a great idea for an amp business that would be separate from the Phaezamp Custom Shop – which I have been doing for quite a while.  And that business will continue as it has, but I want to expand the Phaez name a bit.  That means a US-based operation.  The US-based party will be responsible for mainly 2 things:  Marketing and Assembly.  And having fun at the same time!

The amps to be built will be 3 premium models, and would appeal to those wanting to get the best “M-type” amp available.  And there a lot of guys – I suppose a few gals too, who want the best.  And these amps would be the best.  The finest “M-type” amps extant.   I am not going to divulge too much info, but after many years of building amps I have learned a few things.  I probably have hand-built more guitar amps than anyone on earth.  Certainly no one has built a greater number of different guitar amps than I have.  I have done all the prep work, it’s *almost* turn-key.  If this appeals to you or someone you know, drop me an email.  The need for great amp tone will never fade. 


Jubenville Jr

This one is a BLAST. 10W with a single EL34. Or put in a 6V6. It’s self-biasing. I am amazed how well it does VH1 and Appetite for Destruction. It’s just FUN FUN FUN to play. Circuit DNA is an M Silver Jubilee, but has evolved. Ready for a new home! I just put it on my site

A Few Comments on the McClane

A wrote:

Message: Hi Randy,  absolutely love McLane she’s hot. Had her Side by side  w/a Mesa Boogie MarkIV and she outshone the competition. Well Done.

B wrote:

Well – Saturday was the McClane’s first day. Long email Read fast.  Met up with Dr.z friend at the local music store. House full of  real high end guitars and Dr z amps – and a phenomonal player. One of  two I know who actually can play well enough to utilize their high end  stuff. He works at the local guitar store part time as a tech, and sells Dr z amps for them. He’s tight with the Dr. personally, and plays at  the Z fest. He put some used Groove Tubes in it, and I spent the next  hour listening to him play a strat. Playing thru a Dr Z 1×12 closed back with a vintage 30. He was blown away – and he has very high standards.  Got everything into a sweet spot, then played with the mid. He couldn’t  believe the power of the mid knob. Plus pick and finger sensitivity. By  the time I left, he was talking about the need for a KT66 amp. He already has 4 EL84  amps. If you hear from …. sometime, that’s the guy.


Took it home, set it up for my son, thru you’re big 1×12 with the  Delta Pro speaker. He is an excellent guitarist, but plays only  acoustic. He wasn’t expecting much. Hooked up his pride and joy, a  custom shop Taylor, solid walnut (back, sides and top). Outstanding to  look at, and incredible sound and definition. We were both amazed. Even  my wife came to listen. Master volume almost off,  guitar about 1/2.  Outstanding clarity and reproduction of the guitar’s sound. He plays  with thumb pick and bare fingers. Barely touching the strings.
C wrote:
“Hey Randy,

How are you?  I just realized I never told you how incredible this McClane is…seriously I think it’s my favorite amp of all time.  And i’ve got some nice amps… a Cornford RK100 (holy pricey!), a 1969 Fender Blackface Bassman (pretty sure I have the finest Bassman ever created…thing is ridiculous), an Electrosonic Supersonic (don’t know if you’ve heard of electrosonic, they were only in business for four years or so, but the thing is ridiculous.  Dumble style circuitry)  among others.  But I don’t play any of those any more because I have the McClane! Seriously, you are the master.  That bright knob just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I’ve never heard anything else that has that kind of extremely unforgiving yet smooth and sweet string noise before”

D wrote:
“wild.  loudest 18W amp I could imagine.  I’ve never played an amp that has as good a touch response as the McClane’s.  And I’ve played a lot”
McClane 18W in a Relic

Just finished this one. A WHOLE lotta fun. AVAILABLE. On sale for $699. Amp + Head cab, you supply tubes. Email me –

Jackal 18W

Here is the latest 18W Jackal. It is READY TO GO! You won’t need another amp for the rest of your life and the next one too. I just put it on my site.